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Bob's Keg & Cork is closed.
After 15 years in business Bob has retired and closed up the Keg & Cork.
New Year's Eve 2013 was his last day open.

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Bob's Keg & Cork is in the center of historic downtown Yakima! I have chosen this area because of it's rich cultural heritage. Bob's Keg & Cork is located in Yakima's original city hall in the historic North Front Street area. Look around and you just may see traces of busy clerks and lawyers settling the matters of local Yakima townspeople.

Dating from 1885, we are in the oldest commercial building still standing in Yakima. Next door, immediately south, is the old Opera House built in 1889. Across the street from the Keg & Cork is the train depot, built in the year 1910 to replace the original wood structure. In addition, the Lund building, constructed in 1899, is on the corner of Yakima Avenue and North Front Street, and the saloon, completed in 1909, is now Cafe Melange and stands between the Lund Building and the Opera House.

In addition to being the home of Yakima's first city hall, the Keg & Cork building was this town's first fire station. The dwelling also served as a pseudo safe house for travelling cattlemen who needed a secure place to store their earnings for a short period of time. Because these "cowboys" often were unable to read or write, the only way they could deposit and withdraw their money was by drawing a bold X and stamping the paper with a range-roughened thumbprint.

In 1949, with the new city hall completed, the site, along with a number of other buildings in the historic neighborhood, remained unused for many years. During this time, a special brand of "service industry" developed.

Despite this colorful past, the 1980's attracted many small businesses to this locale, and renovations were soon underway. Bert Grant opened Yakima Brewing & Malting and the first Brew Pub in the United States since prohibition next door in the old opera house. The Thurston Wolfe Winery and it's tasting room began operating out of the city hall building during this period. Thus, it is only apropos that the Keg & Cork locate in the same building and neighborhood.

Today you may not find lawyers, firefighters or ranch hands bustling around the building, but you will find excellent company and camaraderie all the same. The atmosphere is inviting, the service is wonderful, and the staff is very knowledgeable! You will experience some of the finest and freshest foods and beverages encountered in the Northewst... and then some!

Among the many points of interest here at the Keg & Cork, we would like you to note two particular items. To provide you with the highest level of product quality, we needed to acquire the right tools for the job. After an extensive search, and a bit of luck, we found exactly what we were looking for; an eight bottle, atmospere controlled, wine tap box. Well, maybe it doesn't sound all that exciting, but this brass behemoth will ensure that any wine by the glass that we offer will be served fresh (unoxidized), and at the correct temperature.

Our second set of tools that we have searched out was cask pumps born in the U.K. These all-new hand pumps, or beer engines, as we sometimes call them, provide us with the capability of serving some of the freshest cask conditioned beers in the Northwest or around the world! These unfiltered, dry-hopped brews are still "alive" and mature in their own containers, ussually a stainless steel keg. We heartily suggest that you should try at least a sample of this very distinctive British-style brew, reflecting a unique serving technique that actually draws the beer from the keg without any use of extraneous carbon dioxide. We hope that you enjoy these special additions as much as we do!


Bob's Keg & Cork   –    27 N. Front Street; Yakima, WA

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